Why it is so important to have dreams

Why it is so important to have dreams

Dreams are one of the keys if it comes to fullfil our life purpose and to follow our souls calling. They can be inspiring and they can be scary.

Take a deep breath and think about your biggest dream. How long have you had it? How close are you to make it come true? And how will your life be different if you start to live it? Really thing about it, feel it, see it. Give it the attention and the space it deserves and you will see, it will become so much easier to manifest it.

It’s very helpful to do some day dreaming and to write things down. Be detailed, describe exactly what you want and use your imagination, to make it as beautiful as possible.

Your dreams about what you can be have the potential to show you the way to the most fulfilling life ever. We are here to explore and express our selves in the most magnificent way. Isn’t that wonderful? This journey is all about us and it gives us the opportunity to exchange, whatever we have to share with others and the world.

What is it, you’d like to share? And when will you start?

To your dreams

Amie San

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