The Light of Avalon, Book 1, True Love and Mysteries

A trip on an old three-master changes everything. Joana falls madly in love with Tom, but her husband is also on board. It soon becomes clear that she has to make a decision.

But not only Joana is bound. Tom is a happily married father of two children and absolutely faithful. He suffers increasingly in a serious conflict of conscience. While the life of the new lovers gets out of hand, the nostalgic sailing trip develops into a journey into the unknown. Strange occurrences force them to leave their old lives behind and lead to an awakening into a higher consciousness. Will the two be able to live their love?

True Love and Mysteries is the first book of the romantic fantasy series The Light of Avalon. If you like exciting stories where people grow beyond themselves, then this adventurous and romantic novel  is just the thing for you.

                               Make your way to Avalon today.

                                     ISBN 978-0-6451197-6-3

                 The Light of Avalon, Book 2, A broken Heart

What happens if you lose the most precious thing in life, take the blame, and can’t forgive yourself?

A tragic event completely throws Tom off track and destroys his zest for life. His life mate, Joana has no choice but to let go of her true love and trust that he will find the way back to her. Dark clouds obliterate their happiness. The past casts shadows and takes its toll. When Tom collapses and fights for his life, they get to know the legendary world of Agartha and experience real miracles. In his most difficult hours, Tom gets unexpected support and Joana doesn’t leave his side. Will they master this ordeal and manage to save their love?

A broken Heart is the second book of the romantic fantasy series The Light of Avalon. If you like extraordinary love stories in a mystical world which are about life and death, then you will love this soulful and exciting novel.

            Let yourself be enchanted by the light of Avalon.

                                     ISBN 978-0-6451197-8-7

             The Light of Avalon, Book 3, Fight for Freedom

The New Earth is threatened by dark powers and her residents have to make a decision. In the effort to save Gaia, Joana suffers a severe loss that almost breaks her heart. But there is no time for grief.

Joana and her friends know that they can’t conventionally fight Gaia’s takeover. It quickly becomes clear that they must enlist the assistance of their star siblings and draw upon everything they have learned over the past several years to master this challenge with the use of extraordinary measures. Will they be able to find a solution and protect their paradise?

Fight for Freedom is the third book of the romantic fantasy series The Light of Avalon and it is about nothing less than true mastery. If you like exciting stories in which people live their full potential and ally themselves with the inhabitants of other planets, then you will enjoy this romance novel.

              Let yourself be inspired by the light of Avalon.

                                     ISBN 978-0-6456012-0-6

For me writing is magic ...


A whole story emerges from an idea by itself. As soon as I have created them, the individual characters develop a life of their own, and this gives rise to the details of the plot that I roughly sketched out beforehand.

When I write a novel, I live with the characters. I immerse myself in what is happening and go through all the ups and downs that my heroines go through. I laugh with them and I cry with them and I see them clearly in front of me by my imagination. They become dear friends with whom I experience exciting and at the same time inspiring adventures.

If you also dream of writing a book, I can only encourage you to just do it.
Whatever the result, you will learn a tremendous amount and you will definitely grow from it.


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