Palm Reading can reveal your Life Purpose

Palm Reading can reveal your Life Purpose

Are you seeking for clarity about your life purpose? Do you have that feeling deep inside that there is something you still don’t live yet, something that wants to be expressed, something that is still unfulfilled?

These are clear signs that you are already on the way to live your life purpose and your soul is telling you that it is time to fully embody it. You might know already that every soul that has been incarnating on this planet has an individual soul plan which wants to be fulfilled. The challenge is to find out what it is and how you can do it.

This is where the Palm Reading comes into the play. Our palms show exactly how our brain is wired and there can be markings in your palm which point out that you have special gifts. For example you could be a healer, an artist, a writer, a leader, a spiritual teacher, an empath, a clairvoyant and much more. It is a simple and visible proof. That’s why I like it so much. If you have the marking there is no doubt. You have the gift, Whether you use it or not. And the gift always has to do with your life purpose.

Many of my clients who do a reading are relieved, because they are finally getting the confirmation for what they have known already deep inside. They knew it, but they had doubts, they were not sure and sometimes they were scared about the consequences. What would happen if they really had this gift and used it. Sadly far too many got shut down, when they were still a child and later they didn’t trust their own abilities anymore. So this confirmation is essential for their self-esteem and it also is like a permission to own and use the gifts the have.

Some people who come to see me are already using some of their gifts, but they are not aware of the immense potential which comes with a gift. It is like having an extremely high IQ just in a different area. They are so pleased when they discover about what they are really capable of doing and when they learn about the challenges which come with every gift as well. All of the sudden they understand why they were struggling with some things and it was sometimes so hard to succeed.

A few people are surprised because they were not aware of the treasures they are holding. But what is really remarkable is, that even less live their full potential.

What about you? Do you know about your gifts and talents and do you use their full potential? If you haven’t done it already you are welcome to try my free test “Do you have special gifts and talents?”. This test is very easy to do and gives you a good insight into your abilities.

If you follow this link: https://amiesan.com/free/ you will find the test and even more inspiration.

Discover your gifts and use them wisely and you will make your dreams come true.

To your dreams
Amie San

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