Amie San


Be the master of your life!

What if you only did what you love?

Find out about your unique gifts and talents and use them to           create whatever you want!


Are you dreaming of using your talents to make your living and manifest your dreams, but you don’t know how to get there?

I’m here to take you to the other side of the brigde.

You will learn what your gifts and talents are and how you can use them.

You will know who you truly are and what you are here for.

You will become the Master of your Life.



Are YOU gifted?
A Palm Reading tells you everything about your gifts and talents. They are the essential key to your life purpose.
You will also learn about the challenges and consequenses if you don’t use a gift accordingly and how you can avoid them.

A Psychic Reading will give you profound answers to your most important questions plus crucial information about your aura and your energy level.
The Master Coaching is all about your life purpose and  how to manifest it in the most beautiful and effective manner.

Animal Communication made EASY will teach you step by step how to communicate successfully with the animals and you’ll learn a lot about the animal kingdom.
Private Sessions will give you answers to special questions and help with healing issues.

I help people who have special gifts to discover, develop and use them
to celebrate their uniqueness and to share it successfully with the world.

Its’ all easier than you might think.

What people say

My session with Amie was very powerful, I felt I was met on a very deep level by her sensitive clairvoyant insights, and wisdom. I have had it confirmed what I am here to do, what my life-purpose is and the gifts I bring to help me on this path. I feel blessed by the bigger view Amie gave me, as if the Universe was showing me my place. Quite extraordinary. Thank you beautiful Amie, your work is magnificent and I am recommending you to anybody who is not afraid of the truth of who they are and wants to be seen in all their glory through the lens of your bigger view and spirituality. Candy van Rood
Candy Spender van Rood
Coach & Astrolgist
I feel privileged to have received a palm reading from you Amie. I feel very confident now because of finally understanding about my gifts. It's so empowering to know for what I have come to earth to share. My whole spirit responded and the feeling is Yes, it's like this, BANG! Thank you Amie from the depths of my heart. You have presented the reading with great knowledge and in a very sensitive way giving me clarity of what I truly am here to do and what I represent in the universe. Thankfulness and love forever. Christina
Christina Santesson, Sweden
Health Consultant
Amie´s reading has triggered in a most positive and empathetic way my power and energy. The gifts, she found in my hands, confirmed in such a wonderful way my deepest beliefs and view of myself that I sometimes became insecure of because of my doubts and concerns. Now, there is a feeling of great power like a dam opened and the power expands inside and outside of me. I am much more able to stand to my abilities and to live them with easiness, lightness and power at the same time. The reading was like a confirmation, permission and encouragement to be and live my full potential and to bring it to earth.
Kerstin Jaspers, Germany
Trainer, Coach
Amie was outstanding in connecting with both myself and dogs. The process that she takes is of integrity, and made me feel safe. She is respectful and insightful, full of wisdom in her navigated approach. Most of all she has helped me immensely with the health of my two dogs and in supporting me have a deeper connection with them. I now understand my dogs better, how to care for them, more insight into their respective personalities and how we can live with greater ease. This has brought greater peace and harmony into our home. Even alleviating concerns around when it will be their time to pass, as they now grow older in age. Amie now forms a part of my trusted advisor team in dealing with my two dogs. Her healing is amazing and information on supplements and food has been excellent. I could not recommend Amie highly enough, and as she leaves no stone unturned, I know that she would be of great support in many different situations. She cares immensely and has a beautiful heart. We all thank you Amie
Vanessa Jaber
Artist, Dog Owner

About my Work

I’m here to  remind you in a gentle but very effective way that you a very special and to support you to become the best version of yourself and to live and enjoy the beautiful life you deserve.


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