What my clients say

Dear Amie thank you very much for our session. I got information from you and a lot of impulses, which are very helpful for my current situation and for the future. It's so good to know, that there are people like you, who share their gifts and energies to support others on their individual way. Anja
Anja Heufekes, Germany
Dear Amie I'd like to thank you. Your coaching and the reading were very fascinating for me. Everything you red from my palms was absolutely correct. This has strengthend me a lot to keep following my path. Through your skills you did awaken mine and I'm so grateful for that. There is no such thing like coincidence. I'm sure, I'll do more coaching with you. I'm so grateful for your support. With love Maria
Maria Galambos, Germany
Terminal Carer and Artist
Dear Amie, the coaching and hypnosis sessions with you helped me a lot, to find my professional and personal way. After getting terribly sick when working in an advertising agency, I followed your advice and took a break so I could fulfil one af my bigget dreams. I travelled. This was so healing and inspiring. In the meantime I became successfully self employed and I'm totally healthy and highly creative. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Merit
Merrit Mommsen, Austria
Graphic Designer
Dear Amie, I was very exhausted, when I contacted you. My work as a school teacher had nearly given me a burnout. I already knew that I'd put too much on my plate, but I didn't have a clue how to change that. The energetic reading and the coaching sessions with you made it very clear, where I was at and helped me to find out, what I really liked to do. Thanks to that new clearity did I find a new job in a very short time, which really suits me and makes me happy. I thank you Clara
Clara Schell, Australia
Dear Amie I was very shy all my life and most of the time too scared to join other people. That was extremly painful for me. After I had some hypnosis sessions and energetic treatments with you, all of that changed profoundly. Now I feel very well, when I am with others and I even started to study social work, which I love. I never thought, that I would be able to evolve in such a way. Thank you very much.
Julius Vollmer, Switzerland
Student and Social Worker
Dear Amie, I have to admit, that when I did the test to find out if I do have special gifts, I was a bit sceptic. But I couldn't stop thinking about it and now I'm so glad, that I contacted you. The things, you told me doing the palm reading are so illuminating. At this stage I'm about to change my carrier. Now, knowing with certainty what my gifts are, it's easy for me to make the right decisions and to make sure, that I will reach my new goals. The coaching with you gave me much strength and helps me to be clear and structured. I'm sure that I'm on the right path and that feels so good. I can only recommend to everybody, who is in situation of radical change to get your hands analysed. By having the knowledge who you are and what you are capable of doing, living is so much easier. Thank you so much Barbara
Barbara Messmer, Germany
Thank you Amie for my amazing palm reading. It was really insightful and a great confirmation that I am heading in a clear direction to fullfill my lifes purpose here at this time. I was surprised by how much information you had to share and felt excited and empowered afterwards. I can now move forward with confidence. I definitely recommend a palm reading with Amie to anyone who is feeling a little lost and unsure, or even if you don't know which path to follow in life....it becomes so clear during the reading and you can feel it in your heart.....it is amazing.
Tracee Thomson, Australia
I had an animal communication session with Amie for my beloved dog Bodhi. I was concerned about him because he moaned and groaned each time he was lying down….I knew he was in pain. She was very accurate in locating the source of the pain being a pinched nerve in the spine. It was later confirmed when I did a thermage (a diagnostic tool looking at heat spots). She confirmed that he is in constant pain and that he wanted his pain managed with drugs. He also asked for a softer bed! Which I ordered. She also correctly saw that he has a problem with his heart that was confirmed by the vet a while ago. Amie has an amazing gift in connecting and communicating with animals and I can highly recommend her.
Shivany Gonell, dog owner, Australia
Spiritual Coach
Amie has helped my animals and myself a lot over the period of time that I've known her; communicating with my animals, conveying messages, letting me know how they feel and prescribing and mixing Bach flower remedies to help them with an array of different emotional needs .... I highly recommend her skills!
Penny Carleton-Carlos, owns all sorts of animals, Australia
Animal Keeper


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