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Become the Master of your Life


Psychic Readings and Master Coaching are a bit like magic if it comes to profound life changes and becoming your true self, because they work with your energy field, your spiritual guides and your subconscious.

They help you to find great answers to big questions, to develop a master plan and they support you in times where you might be challenged. They give you clarity, focus and inspiration to live your dreams.

Your highest dreams are connected to your life’s purpose. If you dream of something again and again, you can be sure, that it is part of your soul plan, for this to come true. Can you see how much power lies in this insight?

There is no dream that is too big or unrealistic. If you can dream it, you are capable of manifesting it.
Just keep in mind: the bigger the dream, the more action is needed. It won’t happen by itself.

You are the one who is creating your reality and you decide how successful you will be.

How can you make my dreams come true?

Once you have named and clarified your dreams, it’s important to take action towards them straight away and continuously. Now it’s your task to develop and to use them. This can be a struggle or can be fun, depending on your strategies and your core beliefs.


A Psychic Reading will reveal what you are holding in your energy field and will give you answers to everything that matters to you.
There might be even relevant parts of your history from this life and past lives showing up, which can give you disclosure why some issues recur. 

You will also learn, which colors are dominant in your aura (colors stand  for energetic  qualities) and  if you have imbalances, blockages or damage in your energetic field. You will know, how your energy level is and what it needs to get the whole system back into balance. There are often knots in the energy cords and holes in the aura, that need to be untangled and fixed, which will be done in the reading . Your aura will be cleansed and rebalanced. This clear,  new space is very important, if you want to fulfill your dreams. 

A psychic reading is delivered via Skype or phone – only per land line (1 h). It comes with a mp3 audio recording.


You will travel much faster and safer by having some support. The Master Coaching is an individual and intense program to match exactly your needs. I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years and I have also walked all these paths myself, so I know very well about the ups and downs, fears, doubts, procrastination and other distractions.

Hypnosis will support and deepen your journey and it will make it so much smoother.

You will grow into the new version of yourself and embody it. This is a process and there is an individual sequence of steps that are needed to become your true self. By the way this will never end. But once you’ve figured out how it works, you can do it yourself.
This is the way to life mastery.

A Master Session is delivered via skype or phone – only per land line (1 h).
It comes with a mp3 audio recording.


You will get answers to all important questions.

You will find smart solutions that work.              

You system will be rebalanced and stabilised.

You will learn to listen to and to trust your  intuition.

You will find new perspectives. 

You will define your goals and develop a plan.

You will know how to get there step by step.

You will learn how to handle your fears and doubts.

You will overcome and dissolve blockages.

You will know how to avoid procrastination.   

You will become the best version of yourself.      

You will be the master of your life.

Make your dreams come TRUE!


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