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The Light of Avalon, Book 1

For me, The Light of Avalon is a book that touched me deeply. Even if it’s a fictional story, it appeals to a deep-seated feeling for a different way of life. Beyond the performance society in which we are all at home. It makes you think about your own life and encourages you to make changes in your own possibilities. It is definitely one of the books that touched me deeply and which I love to give away. Roxanne

I devoured the novel because I just love spiritual mysterious inspirational novels like this one! There are far too few of them! I am waiting impatiently for volume 2 in book form because I still prefer to hold a book in my hands. Keep it up, dear Amie and good luck! Kerstin

This wonderful book by Amie San is truly a great gift for everyone who is looking for the “more” in our lives. With the first lines, I was able to immerse myself in the depth of the feelings that are reflected in the individual characters. Playfully easy and yet intense, I was taken on the outer and at the same time on an inner journey. The book with its message is highly spiritual, but also addresses people who are looking for their own path, who may be in a state of upheaval. I think history touches something in everyone, arouses curiosity, and conveys community and belonging. I could identify with one person very clearly so that I had the impression that the author had written her book for me! What moved me deeply was the fact that while reading things also revealed themselves to the outside world. During the three-day storm at sea, a storm low raged over Germany at the same time. No book has so fascinated me so far. Never before have I been drawn so deeply into the story of a book. Thank you for this present! Cornelia

A truly remarkable book. I wonder if something like this could really happen. Of course, I don’t mean everything that is in the book, but a lot. The pole shift, for example. There are extensive scientific studies that show that this is exactly what is happening right now. Or the change or the expansion of our consciousness, which is already a fact for many people. Cati

This is a very complex story that addresses the burning issues of our time looks at them from a critical perspective and even offers solutions. An exciting fantasy novel that is full of truth and at the same time something for the heart. Caro

This wonderful story of the “becoming aware” of a group of people who embark on a journey and thereby come to themselves and thus into another dimension, keeps you captivated from beginning to end. This book encourages you to listen to your heart and to face life with joy and love. Amie San knows how to remind us of our original energy and basic trust with loving words. I devoured the book on two afternoons and on both days the sunset sky was coloured extraordinary pinks and oranges!!! That was my personal bonus. Many Thanks! Claudia

What an inspiring journey, inside and out. I got the book over the weekend and finished it on Sunday evening. It was so exciting that I just couldn’t stop. The love story of Tom and Joana touched me very much. It is really amazing what people can cope with when they get into an extreme situation and how much they outgrow themselves. This book encourages  to try new things and leave old boundaries behind. Kerstin

The “new world” does not have to be created, it has always been and IS there. Rediscovering them is what Amie San’s rousing novel is all about. It describes in an impressive and gripping manner the wonderful journey we go on when we choose light and love. A journey in which we see the pain of our time reflected once again and in which we find ourselves strengthened in the will to let go of all this and return to our origins. Intense feelings, touching characters, part 2 of the trilogy is eagerly awaited … Congratulations on this wonderful work! I’m looking forward to more supplies! Tinka

This novel is different. Different in the sense that the characters who play there behave differently than you would normally expect. And it is full of surprising twists and turns that will keep you in suspense to the last page. It is also noteworthy that this book addresses both those who are spiritually interested and those who have no spiritual interest. The adventurous story of a group of people who remember more and more who they really are and thus develop massively in their consciousness is told in a totally exciting way. Highly spiritual knowledge is artfully woven into a narrative and takes you on a journey into awakening. Anna

The Light of Avalon, Book 2

This book took me into a new world and enchanted me. A wonderful, adventurous love story with depth and a lot of heart. Kerstin

Amie San’s 2nd volume “The Lovers” also touched me deeply and accompanied me in my everyday life. We can create this world full of love and peace. This is not a utopia. It’s just beautiful. If I have not yet fully understood some things from my consciousness, my heart can understand them. I feel confirmed on my soul path with this story, which also tells of challenges. Difficult moments in life are not left out or glossed over but integrated as opportunities for growth. I am very impressed by the knowledge and wisdom of the author and I am grateful to be able to participate. Everyone who reads this book will experience an inner and outer awakening in their own way. I am sure of that. It’s a godsend! Conny

With Volume 2, Amie San draws us back to the New World with her magical narrative style. A place that teaches us to trust our intuitive thoughts and feelings. In Avalon every answer can be found within itself, we too use this gift of divine guidance. It enables us to tap into our inner knowledge and the belief in a life full of love and happiness, which each individual is entitled to according to the universal plan. Belief in the sacred relationship between women and men and an appreciative life between humans, animals and nature. An exciting reading pleasure that can go hand in hand with capricious weather. Claudia

The second novel in the history of the new Avalon does what the first promises. It remains exciting from the first to the last page. The heroes and heroines of the story are faced with extreme challenges and in some places reach their limits, which they can only overcome by surpassing themselves. It’s about life and death and the power of love. Cati


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