Amie San


Discover a New and Magical World

The Light of Avalon is much more than just an exciting, fantastic love story.
It’s a reminder of where we come from, how we might live, and what our future might be.

Do you dream of a life in a peaceful world in which we live in harmony with mother earth
and all her creatures, with all her abundance and prosperity?

The heroes of this story have to leave a lot behind and overcome incredible obstacles to create one, but they never give up. Again and again, they are thrown out of their comfort zone, but they seize these opportunities to consciously grow beyond themselves. Though they struggle with painful losses, they keep an open heart and embrace the unknown. Let yourself be inspired and enchanted by a world in which
people reach their full potential and miracles come true.

Accompany Joana and her friends on their adventurous journey and become the master of YOUR life.

Explore the World of Avalon

“One of the best books I’ve ever read, with a fascinating story. However, whatever brings every reader closer, no matter what happens in life, use every opportunity for loving change. And it always pays off.” Amazon review

“In search of a spiritual read that is also entertaining and well-written, this book came to me and I am very grateful for it. Amie San did a wonderful job. I recognize myself in many ways and am now waiting with a wide heart for parts 2 and 3.
The light of Atlantis speaks from my soul.” Amazon review

“The word “fantastic” expresses this book to the full extent for me!! This book is written for all of you who like it when a book is mysterious and mystical. Amie San knows how to deal with this, and in this book she keeps the tension going until the very end. Congratulations! I can and will definitely recommend this book and give it a full 5 stars.” Amazon review

“With volume 2, Amie San draws us back to the New World with her magical narrative style. A place that teaches us to trust our intuitive thoughts and feelings. In Avalon every answer can be found in oneself. We too use this gift of divine guidance. It enables us to tap into our inner knowledge and the belief in a life full of love and happiness, which each individual is entitled to according to the universal plan. Belief in the sacred relationship between women and men and an appreciative life between humans, animals and nature. An exciting reading pleasure that can go hand in hand with capricious weather.” Amazon review

“The second novel in the history of the new Avalon does what the first promises. It remains exciting from the first to the last page. The heroes and heroines of the story are faced with extreme challenges and in some places reach their limits,
which they can only overcome by surpassing themselves. It’s about life and death and the power of love.” Amazon review

“Amie San’s 2nd volume “The Lovers” also touched me deeply and accompanied me in my everyday life. We can create this world full of love and peace. This is not a utopia. It’s just beautiful. If I have not yet fully understood some things from my consciousness, my heart can understand them. With this story, which also tells of challenges, I feel confirmed on my soul path. Difficult moments in life are not left out or glossed over, but integrated as opportunities for growth. I am very impressed by the knowledge and wisdom of the author, and I am grateful to be able to participate. Everyone who reads this book will experience an inner and outer awakening in their own way. I am sure of that. It’s a godsend!” Amazon review

Let your Light shine!



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