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The Abundant Goddess Codes Program is extremely powerful and will uplift your frequencies and your whole being into a new dimension.

It will connect you with your Inner Goddess and your true self, and open the doors for well-being, abundance and love on the highest level.

The program contains 22 audio files with highest frequency initiations, mind and energetic programming sessions, healing sessions, meditations, sacred codes, sacred geometric patterns, and a lot of light language.

It will empower you to live your full potential and truth in the most important areas of your life.

The program is designed to run for 20 weeks which means you work with 1 session per week and ideally listen to it 3 times, so it can sink in deeply and your system has enough space and time to integrate it and make the amazing changes that come with it.

You will be working with the following areas and themes

Self Healing

High Vibrational Relationships

The Healing Temple
Release Old Patterns & Believes
Radical Certainty & Trust

Worthiness & Deservingness
Release your Ex
True Love
Temple of the Lovers

Career & Life's Purpose

Money & Abundance

Your Life's Purpose
Embrace your Talents
Align your career with your Life's Mission
Temple of Creativity

Prosperity Mindset
Money DNA
Wealth Builder
Temple of Manifestation

Sacred Goddess Codes

Bonus: 2 Superpower Meditations

Code of Divine Abundance
New Wealth Code
Code of Happiness & Beauty
Code of True Love

100% Self Love

I love empowering women to live their truth and highest potential and to make their dreams come true.
This program is designed to make you step into your goddess power. And I want every women to have this chance.

For this reason I give you the full program for

111.00 AUD / appr. 72.00 USD, 70.00 EUR

(You save 11 AUD / 70 USD / 62.00 compaired to the regular price.)

Please allow 1-2 business days after purchase to get the program delivered online, thanks.

Animal Communication made EASY

This course is for ALL animal lovers who wish to learn the art of animal communication.

Easy to follow exercises and clear explanations will lead you step by step to great results in a very short time. If you know how it works you can do it straight away and build the relationship to your best friends you’ve always dreamed of.

You will study how animal communication works, how to receive precise information, how animals think and about their souls and origins. You will also know, why kids are such amazing animal communicators.

This course is fun combined with a lot of information and many examples.

Simply start and enjoy!


I love Animals and I want as many people as possible to learn how to communicate with animals.

For this reason I give you the full course for

33.00 AUD (appr. 22.00 USD)

Please allow 1-2 business days after purchase to get the course delivered online, thanks.


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